CJ 021 | Session Report #013

Casino : Treasury

$150 buyin

Low buyin kids ransacked my wallet in the morning without telling me. I have my meger bank roll stashed away in cash at home which I draw from for my sessions. Mrs CJ has a strict no bank withdrawals allowed from our normal everyday bank accounts for my craps hobby. Fair enough.

Had to be ultra careful

Got SL2 with 4 players on half table

Started out slow with $10DP and $6 six and eight. One hit can’t miss play. Did ok

Treaded water quite well on the other rollers.

One shooter (regular) didn’t like me doing $10 DC on his rolls. He was a big man with a thick Russian accent and I couldn’t really understand what he was going on about. But got the message. He had a good rhythm roll style, so I backed him next time (which ended up being worth it).

My turns.

Set for 3V and kept bets low trying to stay as close to 10% of buyin as I could and still back myself.

$10 PL and $22 inside (depending on the point didn’t place that)

Got 3 hands in today.

My toss was not to good, dice splitting in flight a lot, spent most of the time trying to get them to stay together. My practice through the week was exclusively from SO, so should have moved to SO when I had the chance.

10, 8 and 6 rolls respectively.

On one hand, I got my six up to $30 from 6, 12, 18, to 30, and same bet that once.

The others rolls from everyone else were mostly short and they were getting frustrated. Since I was treading water with them I was ok.

Nothing special about today to report.

Really wanted to stick around for SL1 but had to get back to work.

Coloured out $183 (+$33) in 50 mins

CJ 020 | Session Report #012

Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$200 buy in

SO left side
Half table
5 shooters
There was space but an older Asian lady (grandma) would not let me in.
I patiently waited for the hand to end and then asked to make some room. She wasn’t happy but I moved in anyway.
Thought I’d try different bets today.
Tried the one hit can’t miss play with $10 DP and $12 six and eight.
Tried a couple of $15 DC.
Dice weren’t flowing in my direction today.
Nice shooter at SL1 had a 16 roll. Missed it. He had great control. Lovely to watch. Told him I liked his style and was looking forward to his next roll.
My turn. Set 3v. $10 PL. Point set to 9, and tried $66 inside including the point.
Hit the 6, 5 and 9 and upped them 2 units to $30, $25s.  Hit a few more non paying numbers for me. But good for others.
Getting ready to take and press…
7 out in 8 rolls. Oh well.
Didn’t mind as it was a positive thought day for me, and really learning to stretch myself.
Couple of guys playing both a $10 DP and PL and then laying odds on DP in the hook started to piss off the older guys at SL1 and SL2 and grandma, citing they weren’t playing properly and should be on the chocolate wheel instead.  I didn’t get involved.
2nd half table opened up and grandma quickly moved to other end giving me some room.
Virgin lady shooter to finish off. She had a good roll. The old men at SL1 and SL2 (picture the old men critics from The Muppets – Statler and Waldorf) were loving it. Landing a couple of horns with $750 payout and giving her some chips, promising to give her $100 each if she rolled another.
Did a $15 DC and the dealer didn’t move it to the nine. I told her but by then the next number rolled. A ten and told her to move it to ten. Lucky the very next roll was nine.
I thought her luck was up and then lay $30 odds on $15 no ten.
Wouldn’t you know next roll 10. Oh well.
Told my muppet chums I bet she has a monster but had to run back to work so couldn’t try anything for a recovery or see out the rest of the game.
I’m finding myself starting to recognise player level and skill. It’s very interesting and could make for a good study in human behaviour.
Colour up $94 (-$106) in one hour

CJ 019 | Session Report #011

Casino : Treasury

$200 buy in

SO left side
Half table
5 players

Wanted to gauge the table again so no bet on first 2 shooters.

Problem. 2nd shooter made 3 points and rolled a nice hand of around 16. Oh well.

Tip toed in with $10 PL to kill the time while the dice worked around. Lost a bit with crap CO numbers then didn’t go back up.

Next 2 rollers were great but I was to chicken to back them more than $10 PL. Must have been over 20 rolls each. Oh well.

The hard ways were flying chips going everywhere. I’ve never made a prop bet in my life so I find it hard to follow.

Dice come to me and I’m not comfortable at SO.

Rested the dice against the back wall at 45deg before toss which helped me stabilise.

Set for all 7s and 3v.

Had a nice hand of around 16 with 2 points. Lots of hard ways.

Started with $10 PL few naturals and $22 inside.

The guy next to me who I’ve seen few times now big spender says why am I not on the hardways.

I say I’ve never done it before and he gives me $25 chip and says go for it.

So I put $5 each hard ways. And kept the $5 change. Cheeky. But I’d made him a few dollars so fair enough. But it was very generous of him.

Going well got my 6 from $6 up to $30 yay by going up 1 unit at a time. Just waiting to start take and press.

Lost one hardway on easy 8. Went back up on it.

Then the second half of table opens up.

Must have been a good 5 mins getting setup.

Tossed and one dice jumps up into a woman’s chest nearly going into her dress.

I should have come down or turned off.

Next roll seven out.

Really wanted to get a hardways if anything just to validate that guy giving me $25 to bet it. Oh well.

Had to get back to work. But really enjoyed the session.

Lots for me to think about how I’m betting.

Coloured up $266 (+$66) in around an hour

CJ 018 | Session Report #010

Casino : Treasury

$200 buy in
SR1 on full table

Dice were at SL1

Took 3 shooters to read the table look at what everyone had and what was going on.

Haven’t really done that before. Very interesting to gauge the players. And the dealers.

Did a couple of $10 DP winners after they hit first point. AKA choppy table short leash play.

After next shooter made 2 quick points I then did $10 DP 4, lay $20 in odds. Got a win on that as well.

The 4 other players on SR passed the dice. My turn.

Set 3V and had a nice roll of 14. Made 4 points. And dice were landing ok.

Started with $10 PL and hit 12. Loaded up again on $10 PL and $44 inside.

25% of buy in. But it felt ok.

Took 2 hits same bet and chips moved around as the point shifted to other numbers.

Got it back to $22 inside and then started pressing 1 unit each hit

Got the 6 up 3 units to $24 was really wanting to get it to $30 but it wasn’t meant to be.

Each time at the tables I’m beginning to see patterns in the players. It’s very interesting to see their “way with the dice”. Everyone’s got their style and betting method.

Today was first time I saw a guy play both sides. $25 PL and $25 DP. Then would lay 2x odds on the DP. I chuckled to myself as I’ve wargamed that play. I noticed he didn’t bet on me after I made my first point.

Had just stopped in after work so quick hit and run as per usual.

I always make a point of thanking the dealers and others for the game. I think the dealers are starting to recognise me now.

Coloured in $302 (+$102) in 30 mins