As I find important Craps related information that I have learned something from, I will include the links on this page. These links will serve as a set of bookmarks. Please contact me if you have any other sites or links about Craps that I should include in my list.


Websites (in no particular order)


Video Channels (in no particular order)

Paul Enockson (Pablo) –

Michael Shackleford –

Classical Pipes –

Dice Coach –

Players Network –

Clunkmess –

Koganinja777 –

Golden Touch Craps –

Aaron Hightower –

The Craps Coach –

Learn to Play Craps –

Jessica Bingham –

Right Brained Gambling –

Gamblers Bookcase –

American Casino Guide –

Vegas Aces –



American Casino Guide –

Gambler’s Book Club –

You Can Bet on That –

Casinos USA –


Software / Apps – App for iPhone for roll tracking – Bone Tracker – Microsoft solution in Excel and Access for practice roll tracking – Win Craps – Comprehensive Craps simulator for Windows – Smart Craps – Craps simulator for Windows with Analysis


Craps Tables for Sale – Fantastic hand made tables for sale in the USA – Quality Craps Tables for sale in Australia


Extra Craps Related Goodness – Fasinating collection of chips from Australian casinos, also can use a list of casinos to visit (will create a list of those with Craps) – same sort of list – Massive site which is full of great casino information