This is one very interesting topic as I have always wondered how a Craps table is made, and since I’ve loved the game for over 20 years, always wanted one of my own.

I honestly believe that a finished Craps table can be classified as a piece of art.

I have limited space so I need to have a mini tub style 1.8m (6ft) – 2.4m (8ft)

I’ve looked and looked for a place that sells them but alas can’t seem to find anywhere. If you know of somewhere please leave me a comment.

In the absence of buying one, I’ll have to make one, or convince someone else with more woodworking skills and equipment to build one for me as a worthy project. I’m thinking maybe one of the local Mens Sheds would be able to help me out for a nice donation to their very worthy cause.

I think it all starts with the felt layout, so I’m going to source that first and then build the table up around it.

I’ll be documenting the journey, which is the purpose of this website for my own selfish diarised record and others will benefit as well.

In the mean time I’ve scoured the internet looking for “how to build a craps table” resources and found that quite a few people have the same idea.

Here are some plans –

Great forum post, it’s a long read but worth it –

Awesome build, and detailed photos, look back through the site to see the whole project –

Another great home build –

Here is a to buy table to give you an idea of a smaller design –

A sensational build from Good Fellas Gambling –

Out of all the designs you can pick and chose how you want to build your craps table. Take ideas from each of them and model to your requirements.