CJ 035 | Session Report #27

Casino: Treasury

$300 buy in
1/2 table left side
4 players (3 regulars and me)
3V set

Stuck with my $66 inside working on the come out with my DP negative and positive progression on my own roles.

With the DP 3 play and $22 inside working on comeout for other shooters.

Shot myself in the foot with CO 7 twice on two separate hands.

I did have a 32 hand (my best to date is 34) which was good. But had sevens in the middle with the WOTCO knocked off my accumulated bets each time. Oops.

I think I’ll revise my WOTCO to only beginning of the hand and not in between points.

One regular player hit 4 horns in row and 2 players had big money on it. The $500 chips were flowing out to those guys and the box wasn’t happy.

He told the shooter after the hand that those lucky dice have been marked for removal and new dice will be used next shift.

I thought this was strange to pull dice because a couple of people made some big bets on the horn and won. But I guess they can do whatever they like.

Those 2 guys were smart and walked straight after that hand. I’m sure they have lost thousands so the small recovery actually reinforces to them to keep coming back each week to lose more again.

I don’t know why the casino personnel can’t see that overall these guys are the casinos best customers. They have their player cards in the system and know what they spend and take off the table. I know just from watching them in the short time that I’m there, that they spend big each week and since I’ve been playing they usually don’t win. I also know from listening to them banter with the dealers that they go back and play over the weekend.

What was interesting was that my DP 3 play and the WOTCO was affecting the betting of the others. They would sit out my rolls and couldn’t work out what I was doing and even after my 32 roll hand which was the biggest of the hour. They didn’t recognise it because their standard betting patterns were not followed.

Bad news, I got lost in my progression after my 32 hand, as I had chips everywhere since I wasn’t stacking them and it looked like chip vomit in front of me. I really need to rack my chips better. I would have made another $100 if I had of followed my progression properly. Lesson learned.

Good news, that after one and a half years (26.5 hours) of casino play after becoming a student of Craps I’m finally in the black by $53 overall.

While that’s a very bad return on the $7,100 I’ve put through the table over that time. I’ve learned so much about the game and the people that run it, and play it that I feel I’m in a good place now with my game.

I just hope next week there is still a table in the casino to play on.

Coloured out $359 (+$59) in 1 hour

CJ 034 | Session Report #26

Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$300 buy in
1/2 table right side
SR6 (hook near dealer)
4 players (one newbie, 2 regulars and me)
3V set

My least favourite position. Still haven’t worked this one out.

However today it didn’t matter.

Only had 45 mins. Got the dice twice.

$66 inside working on the come out.

Both roles shot myself in the foot with seven on first roll.

7, 9, 3, 6, 10, 12, 3, 9
5, 9, 7

7, 6, 8, 10, 7

Terrible but no other spot opened up for me.

Good news though is I made money on the other regulars.

Playing my DP progression and $22 inside

One regular had a wonderful hand in the 20s (don’t track / chart others… yet)

So many inside numbers, high on the nines. And I had 9 up to $75. $300 profit in one hand. I was happy to finally make use of the press and take strategy I learned from this forum.

Clapped him after that roll, truely thankful.

There was one newbie and he was hopeless. Holding the dice both hands. Rubbing dice together with both hands. Taking the dice back over the rail out of sight. Throwing one dice at a time down to the end. Dealers were laughing, it was classic what not to do.

Colour in $569 (+$269) in 45 mins

CJ 033 | Session Report #25

Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$350 buy in
1/2 table left side
SL 1
2 players (one newbie and me)
3V set (exclusively)

Had a plan today. And really wanted to stick to it.

Bet don’t pass exclusively with my progression and play $66 inside regardless of point working on the come out for 2 hits and regress to $22 inside and press up from there 1 unit twice and then 2 units to 5. Take and press from there.

Why did I set such a plan?

I looked at my rolls over previous weeks and after last weeks debacle with my progression promised myself after a week of practice to get it right this time.

Also betting purely don’t pass is like watching paint dry and you need some excitement.

I’m better than a random roller. At least I think so anyway. So may as well back yourself with the place numbers.

Good news is I was fully engaged at the table and the dealer and stick now had something to do.

The newbie who I suspect wasn’t a newbie at all, as he was pretending to not know the bets, but was throwing out hi lows and other fancy bets. Why pretend. Anyway he kept coming and going. And while he was losing I was winning.

He asked the dealers what was going on and said is he betting against me. They said yes. And it was on from there. Sniped him with 2 short rolls and he left for good.

Winning is more fun.

On the clock to get back to work and only had 1 hour.

Had a big chat with the dealers and the box man said the management are going to scrap craps from the Brisbane and Gold Coast casinos soon, so get my sessions in quick.

My next closest table is one and half hour plane flight to Sydney.

Colour in $577 (+227) in 1 hour.

Tracking of my DP bet only

Bet Result Balance
10 L -10
20 W 10
10 L 0
20 L -20
30 W 10
10 L 0
20 W 20
10 W 30
20 W 50
30 L 20
40 L -20
50 W 30
25 W 55
10 W 65
20 L 45
30 L 15
50 L -35
10 W -25
10 W -15
20 W 5
30 W 35
40 W 75
50 L 25
60 L -35
70 W 35
10 L 25
20 L 5
30 W 35
10 W 45

This means of $227 win only $45 is from my DP progression. The rest is from my $66 inside for 2 hits, and regress to $22 and press up from there.

CJ 032 | Session Report #24

Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$300 buy in

Half table – Left side
1 player (me)

3V equivalent set, and all sevens set while aiming for the 7.

Another session second week in a row where I was all alone. The dealers were just standing around doing nothing when I showed up.

I had in my head that I was going to concentrate on playing a totally Don’t game if it was just me at the table.

Set a point and then push the seven.

Alas what I thought was a perfect plan didn’t turn out that way.

Out of 16 hands. 7 with less than 4 throws. 43.75%

In order to play purely dark side this way I really think you need to have a strong ability to 7 out early. Something I definitely need to work on.

I did try to play right sight a couple of times once I felt my ability to go dark had left me, with $66 inside, with intent to do 3 hits and then regress to $22 and start pressing from there. That didn’t work either.

My throws from SL-1 were decent. And I found it very strange that a pit boss came over to watch me very intently for over 15 mins. There was no one else at the table, and I was only betting small on DP, with no other bets. I saw no reason for him to be so interested in me. Perhaps it was my recording my rolls in my little notepad? I didn’t let it bother me and kept setting, and then throwing as I had been the whole time. With no one else at the table and also losing and not winning, I felt wronged for having a pit boss scrutinise me.

Basically if I zigged the dice zagged. If I zagged the dice zigged.

Playing the DP not even bringing in the DC, the dealers were almost falling asleep.

I put out a stack of chips at one point for some place bets and the dealer didn’t even notice. I patiently waited and it got awkward. He finally realised that he actually had something to do, and was surprised that I was betting the numbers while doing a DP.

In the end my work time constraints kicked in, and the dealers are used to me know saying that I have to go back to work.

While I thoroughly enjoyed myself, having the table all to myself is such a treat, and doing another large session of 147 throws. Which is great for my practice and getting used to the table.

My final take away out of this session, is that I absolutely need more practice. Or really need to look at adjusting my betting instead of going in with a set play in mind and religiously following it when it clearly isn’t working as expected.

Colour in $133 (-$167) in 1 hour 15 mins

Addendum : I did have a plan to play a particular DP progression, but kept getting lost with it, which is ashame and another thing I need to work on.

After the fact, I can see via my charting, that I would have come out $70 ahead if I had of been able to stick to the plan I had.

These bets are only on the DP every single time. As a solo shooter without a PL or DP the dice don’t move.

Bet Result Balance
10 W 10
20 L -10
30 W 20
10 L 10
20 L -10
30 W 20
10 L 10
20 W 30
10 L 20
20 L 0
30 W 30
10 L 20
20 L 0
30 W 30
10 W 40
20 L 20
30 L -10
60 W 50
10 W 60
20 W 80
30 W 110
40 L 70
50 L 20
100 W 120
10 W 130
20 W 150
30 L 120
40 W 160
10 L 150
20 W 170
10 L 160
20 L 140
30 W 170
10 W 180
20 L 160
30 L 130
60 L 70
10 L 60
10 W 70