CJ 049 | Session Report #40

Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$150 buy in
12ft half table
2-4 players
3V set

Finally showed up and the craps table was open with just one player on it, he was at SL1.

I don’t like SL3 and SL2 was to close to him. So I took SO on the left side.

Only had $150 on me today as I didn’t have time to get more from my hidden casino stash before I left the house this morning. My nearly adult kids are dying to find my hidden stash of $100 notes.

Haven’t played with a small bankroll for a long time, so this was a challenge.

It really made me think how I was going to approach the betting. I had to be careful not to over bet.

Took it easy with the one hit can’t miss play on others.

Did a $22 inside on my first roll. And $44 inside on second roll. Then regressed to $6 six and eight after 2 hits. And built up and out from there.

Had a 20 hand and a 9 hand respectively. Not bad. Suited my bet play.

More players joined after my first hand. And one newbie went on a roll.

I had spread out to all numbers and he’d made his second point.

I said to make my bets working on the come out, but no one heard me. The box man looked over at me and the dice were in the air about to touch the table. I started to repeat my call to be on. But stopped half way as the dice had settled.

The box man was reaching for the on lammer to put on my chips.

The dice had settled on seven. The box instructed to clear my bets.

I said to Steve the box, couldn’t he give me that one. But he said no, he had the on button in his hand, however he hadn’t even acknowledged the bet verbally. Like they usually do. That’s a bet. Sort of thing.

Oh well no point fighting them about it.

I sat the rest of his hand out. It was a real shame as he hit quite a few inside numbers that would have been nice.

Made some room and coaxed more players that were watching to join in. I always do my part to bring in fresh blood to try to keep the table running.

The box said that it doesn’t matter. Because management make the decision to keep the table on other factors. But I know that if the table is packed as much as possible. Then the table should stay. I do know that for 7 years they abandoned the craps table. And made a bit of noise and marketing about it when they brought the table back out of storage. Who knows. If it’s not a slot it’s just a method of allowing more slots. More table games allows them more slots. They know where their bread and butter comes from.

Just played smart craps today, and after 45 mins realised my time was up. I was happy to get my craps fix in at last. Until next week.

Colour in $210 (+$60) in 45 mins.

CJ 048 | Session Report #39

Casino : Treasury Brisbane

Showed up at the casino for my normal Friday session at around 12:30pm (the table opens at 12pm) and all the regulars were there with the half table full. No spots.

Looks like they were totally settled in so rather than wait for someone to leave and not get any action in my limited 1 hour window, I headed to the mini baccarat computer terminals. They are spread around the casino and even on different floors. All connected up to a centralised live dealer.

I chose one that allowed me to keep an eye on the table, just in case any spots opened up. It was a live dealer $10 min type of computer terminal. They have $1 min fully computer generated mini baccarat. But this live terminal was the only one that would let me spy on the craps table.

So I fed in $200 and got started with the target 3 play system, I’m quite fond of. After around 10 mins I’m up $30 and notice that my last bet on player won, but I didn’t actually get paid.

This has happened in the past when I was betting $5 and didn’t realise the min bet for player or banker bet was $10 in the instructions in the help section of the game rules.

So I thought ok, I’ll try again. Player won again and another missed payout. WTF is going on. I tried a third time and player won again and no payout.

Looked at the instructions and sure enough the bastards had changed the min player and banker bet mid shoe to $25 min. So my bets were void. I can understand a change of limit in between shoes. But in the middle is just wrong.

In total disgust. Coloured up and out of that machine on principle. I’ll have a chat to the dealers and pit bosses about that next week.

Went to find a $1 mini baccarat machine to keep going.

Found one at the other end of the casino.

Put in my ticket of $230 and started at $5 min target 3 play bet. There is a hand dealt every 30 seconds, which is a good speed.

I just bet player only and followed the progressions and regressions as needed by the play. It so simple that I was actually playing craps on my phone at the same time. Got up to $440 and my time was getting close to finishing. Finished off with a couple of losing bets in the cycle. Didn’t have time to leave on an upswing.

Will pickup the next game at that same position of (-$35) and continue on.

Colour up $405 (+$205)

Now what really cheesed me off is that I went back to the Craps table and there was only 2 players. It was 1:30pm. So I think I just need to go at 1:30pm which gives the regulars time to let their chips drain away and leave. Will try again next week.

CJ 047 | Session Report #38

Casino: Treasury

$380 buy in
12ft half table
4 players
3V set

Finally after 3 weeks of not being able to get on the table I showed up and there was a spot. I was happy.

The last couple of weeks, the USS Ronald Regan was docked in the port of Brisbane, giving thousands of American sailors some well earned shore leave, and I haven’t been able to get a spot at the craps table. It’s been packed.

Only had to wait a few mins before I got the dice.

I needed to tip toe in to test the water and warm up.

The table was touted as cold by the other players.

Smashed out a 33 hand straight out of the gate.

5, 9, 6, 9, 4, 6, 8, 8, 6, 9, 12, 5
7, 5, 8, 4, 2, 5
8, 9, 8
7, 7, 7, 7, 8, 4, 11, 8
6, 9, 9, 7

Only started with a $6 six and eight. Had everything covered and doing well. The 4 come out 7s in a row was very popular and profitable among the punters.

Started with my DP 3 play and after I got to level 3 switched to pass line and backed myself. Had $50 in PL on last pass for the six and the 7 out came.

Certainly turned the tide for the others at the table.

Next hand was PSO but I had kept bets low on my second attempt luckily before I ratchet up to the $66 inside WOTCO play.

I never got to the third hand.

What was nice was a fellow dark sider at the table. First time I’ve seen him. Very young must have been early 20s.

He was doing DP with laying odds and DC and laying place numbers all over the place. And putting money on the doctor. He was constantly shouting himself in the foot and at one point ran out of money and didn’t want to continue shooting.

I offered to take over since he was having a decent hand and I had the numbers all covered. But the other players wouldn’t have it. They put money on the PL for him. And refused to put it on the DP which he wanted to continue with. 2 rolls later seven out. Jeez. Was still a good role.

Very enjoyable session.

Coloured out $482 (+$102) in 1 hour