Casino : Treasury

$200 buy in

SO left side
Half table
5 players

Wanted to gauge the table again so no bet on first 2 shooters.

Problem. 2nd shooter made 3 points and rolled a nice hand of around 16. Oh well.

Tip toed in with $10 PL to kill the time while the dice worked around. Lost a bit with crap CO numbers then didn’t go back up.

Next 2 rollers were great but I was to chicken to back them more than $10 PL. Must have been over 20 rolls each. Oh well.

The hard ways were flying chips going everywhere. I’ve never made a prop bet in my life so I find it hard to follow.

Dice come to me and I’m not comfortable at SO.

Rested the dice against the back wall at 45deg before toss which helped me stabilise.

Set for all 7s and 3v.

Had a nice hand of around 16 with 2 points. Lots of hard ways.

Started with $10 PL few naturals and $22 inside.

The guy next to me who I’ve seen few times now big spender says why am I not on the hardways.

I say I’ve never done it before and he gives me $25 chip and says go for it.

So I put $5 each hard ways. And kept the $5 change. Cheeky. But I’d made him a few dollars so fair enough. But it was very generous of him.

Going well got my 6 from $6 up to $30 yay by going up 1 unit at a time. Just waiting to start take and press.

Lost one hardway on easy 8. Went back up on it.

Then the second half of table opens up.

Must have been a good 5 mins getting setup.

Tossed and one dice jumps up into a woman’s chest nearly going into her dress.

I should have come down or turned off.

Next roll seven out.

Really wanted to get a hardways if anything just to validate that guy giving me $25 to bet it. Oh well.

Had to get back to work. But really enjoyed the session.

Lots for me to think about how I’m betting.

Coloured up $266 (+$66) in around an hour