CJ 013 | Session Report #005

Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$200 buy in

Got straight out spot. It was crowded half table. Got the dice after 2 mins.

Didn’t trust myself from last time after being so nervous. so went in real slow

Wasn’t really nervous today until after the roll. Then the nerves kicked in (had to go so left).

$10 PL and $6 6 and 8

Rolled for about 25 mins. Didn’t keep exact count was around 20 or more (I’ll track better next time).

Hit all the numbers (we don’t have fire bet / all tall small etc).

Got to Press only once to $12 6 and 8, placed $5 5 and 9 with profits, only after I’d same bet a couple of times. Lots of 4’s and 10’s (which I wasn’t on)

Just didn’t have confidence in myself.

Players were hitting $25 hard ways and horns, chips were flying everywhere

The box man grabbed the stick around 20 min mark, and threatened me to pass the dice if I didn’t hit the back wall every time. Only missed twice. The box man was joined by another suit and were in a long discussion and watching until I sevened out. Never had a long roll before, so that was new.

Couple of players had the box numbers in the hundreds, which started to add extra pressure. A lot of money was on the table.

Made everyone a lot of money. Would have made a decent amount if I had of run my usual $110 inside for 2 hits and regress and press.

Was pleased with the result but my toss was still very rough.

Tried to use some new sets I got from Ninja Craps (3V equivalent). But set it wrong quite a few times under pressure.

Coloured in at $300 in 35 mins

CJ 012 | Session Report #004

Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$200 buy in

1 other shooter and then just me. Never been on an empty table before. Weird feeling as the dealers have nothing to do. Great speed with dice.
Very nervous and hungry and was shaking the whole time.
Did $44 inside with don’t pass
Layed single odds on don’t pass
Got eaten at every try.
Should have just played plain $10 don’t pass until my tosses calmed down.
Would have left after losing $100 but needed the toss practice.
Minimum is $5 on 3,12,2,11 and $20 horn
Left an empty table. Such a shame.
Started at straight out. Dice bouncing every where.
Tried stealth setting. Hopeless at it. Couldn’t remember the sets. Awful.
Did one dead cat with out hitting the wall 7 out won my don’t with odds and they allowed it
Then moved to SL1
My tosses were much better. Very little roll back off the wall. Would have loved to have stayed. Perfect practice opportunity.
Coloured in with $37. left in 15 mins

CJ 011 | Session Report #003

Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$200 buy in

Same people from last week at the table
They are big spenders. Kept putting more money on table.
Played differently today
$44 inside 2 hits and down
Wait a couple of rolls and then $10 don’t come
The dealer worked out my play in 2 hands and was very good about it.
Shooting from straight out
$10 PL
CO 7
Roll count 6
Went $110 inside 2 hits down
Did $10 DP on 4 then $20 odds
Bull frog 4
Colour in $265 in 30 mins

CJ 010 | Session Report #002

Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$300 buy in

Half table from stick left
Got stuck in hook near dealer
Very hard to shoot
Had players with $25 chips all over the place and they were doing lots of prop bets which slowed the game down a lot. They seemed to know what they were talking about but it was beyond me.
Wasn’t setting correctly
Dice all over the place
Rolled 2 times
Made a few points
Betting was all over the place
$6 6 and 8
Pass line with odds
Tried DP on myself first time while shooting and struck out with 2 CO 7s switched to pass and then a few rolls and then 7.
Should stick to a plan. If I had of gone out hard with $110 across and down or regress I would have won a fair bit.
Tried $5 come but the limit is $10 come at Treasury
Also made a mistake and dropped $30 on DC instead of $10 and of course got hit by 11
Need to play a lot more to calm the nerves and focus.
Coloured up in 30 mins with $305