Craps in Australia

For those of us that want to play Craps in Australia, it can be a hard game to find downunder. It’s not as widely known or appreciated for the elegant game that it is.

Most of the smaller land based casinos won’t have a craps table. Same applies for most of the cruise ships that use Australia as a docking port, they don’t have craps tables either.

Here is a list of the larger land based casinos that currently host a craps table in Australia…

  • QLD; Treasury Casino Brisbane – 1 table, 12ft, bouncy, microfiber layout
  • QLD; The Star (Gold Coast) – used to be called Jupiters Casino – 1 table, 12ft, bouncy, microfiber layout
  • [others to be listed here]

An alternative to a land based casino is an online casino, but I’m not familiar with any of those, and quite frankly being a software geek myself would not play any non regulated online gaming software. Now if only Australian casinos would put in some bubble craps machines, that would be fantastic – since it would be regulated and less likely to cheat you out of your wins.

Another alternative is to hold a casino party of your own, and hire a casino party host, as they will have a craps table they can put out for a party night. I know it’s not the same as a real casino but when you don’t have a table near you it’s an option.

But your other option is to have your own craps table. For practice, and for entertaining and hosting parties etc. This is not as easy as it sounds, since Craps is not popular in Australia, finding a craps table for your own use is like wrestling a crocodile, it’s doable but not something you want to do and is very hard and time consuming.

I had to resort to importing my own craps table into Australia from China, not something I recommend you do either.