Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$200 buy in

SO left side
Half table
5 shooters
There was space but an older Asian lady (grandma) would not let me in.
I patiently waited for the hand to end and then asked to make some room. She wasn’t happy but I moved in anyway.
Thought I’d try different bets today.
Tried the one hit can’t miss play with $10 DP and $12 six and eight.
Tried a couple of $15 DC.
Dice weren’t flowing in my direction today.
Nice shooter at SL1 had a 16 roll. Missed it. He had great control. Lovely to watch. Told him I liked his style and was looking forward to his next roll.
My turn. Set 3v. $10 PL. Point set to 9, and tried $66 inside including the point.
Hit the 6, 5 and 9 and upped them 2 units to $30, $25s.  Hit a few more non paying numbers for me. But good for others.
Getting ready to take and press…
7 out in 8 rolls. Oh well.
Didn’t mind as it was a positive thought day for me, and really learning to stretch myself.
Couple of guys playing both a $10 DP and PL and then laying odds on DP in the hook started to piss off the older guys at SL1 and SL2 and grandma, citing they weren’t playing properly and should be on the chocolate wheel instead.  I didn’t get involved.
2nd half table opened up and grandma quickly moved to other end giving me some room.
Virgin lady shooter to finish off. She had a good roll. The old men at SL1 and SL2 (picture the old men critics from The Muppets – Statler and Waldorf) were loving it. Landing a couple of horns with $750 payout and giving her some chips, promising to give her $100 each if she rolled another.
Did a $15 DC and the dealer didn’t move it to the nine. I told her but by then the next number rolled. A ten and told her to move it to ten. Lucky the very next roll was nine.
I thought her luck was up and then lay $30 odds on $15 no ten.
Wouldn’t you know next roll 10. Oh well.
Told my muppet chums I bet she has a monster but had to run back to work so couldn’t try anything for a recovery or see out the rest of the game.
I’m finding myself starting to recognise player level and skill. It’s very interesting and could make for a good study in human behaviour.
Colour up $94 (-$106) in one hour