Casino : Treasury

$200 buy in
SR1 on full table

Dice were at SL1

Took 3 shooters to read the table look at what everyone had and what was going on.

Haven’t really done that before. Very interesting to gauge the players. And the dealers.

Did a couple of $10 DP winners after they hit first point. AKA choppy table short leash play.

After next shooter made 2 quick points I then did $10 DP 4, lay $20 in odds. Got a win on that as well.

The 4 other players on SR passed the dice. My turn.

Set 3V and had a nice roll of 14. Made 4 points. And dice were landing ok.

Started with $10 PL and hit 12. Loaded up again on $10 PL and $44 inside.

25% of buy in. But it felt ok.

Took 2 hits same bet and chips moved around as the point shifted to other numbers.

Got it back to $22 inside and then started pressing 1 unit each hit

Got the 6 up 3 units to $24 was really wanting to get it to $30 but it wasn’t meant to be.

Each time at the tables I’m beginning to see patterns in the players. It’s very interesting to see their “way with the dice”. Everyone’s got their style and betting method.

Today was first time I saw a guy play both sides. $25 PL and $25 DP. Then would lay 2x odds on the DP. I chuckled to myself as I’ve wargamed that play. I noticed he didn’t bet on me after I made my first point.

Had just stopped in after work so quick hit and run as per usual.

I always make a point of thanking the dealers and others for the game. I think the dealers are starting to recognise me now.

Coloured in $302 (+$102) in 30 mins