It’s been a long time since I checked in. 10 months in fact. It’s been one massive year for me so far.

I’m still on my craps journey, just not at the casino this year yet.

It’s a self imposed exile. Here’s why.

I’m renovating our old house to turn it into a rental and have promised myself and the wife, no casino until it’s done. This gives me an incentive and reward to go when I’m done.

That was in January this year, and it’s now mid October. The time is getting away from me.

I’d moved my Craps table to our new house. But it’s been in storage in the garage. Since it’s taking so long for me to complete the renovations and be in two places at the same time, I’m now staying at my old house 4 nights a week to try to get the place finished faster.

Since it’s coming up to party time for our family during Oct, Nov, Dec the wife told me to move the craps table back to our old place. Apparently when I host a Craps night we are just too darn loud.

The first craps get together was for my old boys soccer team breakup which happened in September. Here’s a photo of some of guys getting into Craps.

Craps Home Game 1

Craps Home Game 2

Then the next session after that I’ll host a work colleague Craps game.

It’s quite amusing because the only thing in the house is literally a Craps table, a BBQ and my tools and paints for the renovations.

Then after that I’ll have to move the table back to my new house for our yearly family Halloween Craps get together.

I’ll have to take some videos of my home table with a game in full swing which I throw onto the podcast in November. I’ll let you know when it’s out.

Should make for some interesting viewing.

You can see how I approach teaching the game to newbies and my dreadful dealing skills.

Now as an extra bonus for you. Here’s a time lapse of my craps table assembly. This was my second time setting up this table, and I’m still tweaking the installation.


I’ve added wheels onto it so I can move it around the space easier.

I need to add in some more nut inserts to make this faster for next time, between the legs and the table top.

The side rails are bolted to the table top – so it’s very strong.

In the end this took 2 hours, and it would have taken 1 hour if I had of had a second person to help.

On another side note I want you to check out 2 great craps podcasts called
1. Casinos Usa

2. 99% Craps

Search on iTunes for those

and 2 great YouTube channels

1. Bonethrower

2. Colour Up

and one great forum called

Axis Power Craps

Those resources have kept me living vicariously through other people’s craps adventures while I can’t have any of my own.

Consuming all the great content available on these 5 resources alone will give you a very solid craps education and best of all it’s totally free.

I thoroughly recommend and endorse them.

Leave me a comment here or drop me an email at with any of your craps questions and I’ll answer them on the podcast.