Casino : Treasury

$150 buyin

Low buyin kids ransacked my wallet in the morning without telling me. I have my meger bank roll stashed away in cash at home which I draw from for my sessions. Mrs CJ has a strict no bank withdrawals allowed from our normal everyday bank accounts for my craps hobby. Fair enough.

Had to be ultra careful

Got SL2 with 4 players on half table

Started out slow with $10DP and $6 six and eight. One hit can’t miss play. Did ok

Treaded water quite well on the other rollers.

One shooter (regular) didn’t like me doing $10 DC on his rolls. He was a big man with a thick Russian accent and I couldn’t really understand what he was going on about. But got the message. He had a good rhythm roll style, so I backed him next time (which ended up being worth it).

My turns.

Set for 3V and kept bets low trying to stay as close to 10% of buyin as I could and still back myself.

$10 PL and $22 inside (depending on the point didn’t place that)

Got 3 hands in today.

My toss was not to good, dice splitting in flight a lot, spent most of the time trying to get them to stay together. My practice through the week was exclusively from SO, so should have moved to SO when I had the chance.

10, 8 and 6 rolls respectively.

On one hand, I got my six up to $30 from 6, 12, 18, to 30, and same bet that once.

The others rolls from everyone else were mostly short and they were getting frustrated. Since I was treading water with them I was ok.

Nothing special about today to report.

Really wanted to stick around for SL1 but had to get back to work.

Coloured out $183 (+$33) in 50 mins