Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$350 buy in
1/2 table left side
SL 1
2 players (one newbie and me)
3V set (exclusively)

Had a plan today. And really wanted to stick to it.

Bet don’t pass exclusively with my progression and play $66 inside regardless of point working on the come out for 2 hits and regress to $22 inside and press up from there 1 unit twice and then 2 units to 5. Take and press from there.

Why did I set such a plan?

I looked at my rolls over previous weeks and after last weeks debacle with my progression promised myself after a week of practice to get it right this time.

Also betting purely don’t pass is like watching paint dry and you need some excitement.

I’m better than a random roller. At least I think so anyway. So may as well back yourself with the place numbers.

Good news is I was fully engaged at the table and the dealer and stick now had something to do.

The newbie who I suspect wasn’t a newbie at all, as he was pretending to not know the bets, but was throwing out hi lows and other fancy bets. Why pretend. Anyway he kept coming and going. And while he was losing I was winning.

He asked the dealers what was going on and said is he betting against me. They said yes. And it was on from there. Sniped him with 2 short rolls and he left for good.

Winning is more fun.

On the clock to get back to work and only had 1 hour.

Had a big chat with the dealers and the box man said the management are going to scrap craps from the Brisbane and Gold Coast casinos soon, so get my sessions in quick.

My next closest table is one and half hour plane flight to Sydney.

Colour in $577 (+227) in 1 hour.

Tracking of my DP bet only

Bet Result Balance
10 L -10
20 W 10
10 L 0
20 L -20
30 W 10
10 L 0
20 W 20
10 W 30
20 W 50
30 L 20
40 L -20
50 W 30
25 W 55
10 W 65
20 L 45
30 L 15
50 L -35
10 W -25
10 W -15
20 W 5
30 W 35
40 W 75
50 L 25
60 L -35
70 W 35
10 L 25
20 L 5
30 W 35
10 W 45

This means of $227 win only $45 is from my DP progression. The rest is from my $66 inside for 2 hits, and regress to $22 and press up from there.