Casino: Treasury

$300 buy in
1/2 table left side
4 players (3 regulars and me)
3V set

Stuck with my $66 inside working on the come out with my DP negative and positive progression on my own roles.

With the DP 3 play and $22 inside working on comeout for other shooters.

Shot myself in the foot with CO 7 twice on two separate hands.

I did have a 32 hand (my best to date is 34) which was good. But had sevens in the middle with the WOTCO knocked off my accumulated bets each time. Oops.

I think I’ll revise my WOTCO to only beginning of the hand and not in between points.

One regular player hit 4 horns in row and 2 players had big money on it. The $500 chips were flowing out to those guys and the box wasn’t happy.

He told the shooter after the hand that those lucky dice have been marked for removal and new dice will be used next shift.

I thought this was strange to pull dice because a couple of people made some big bets on the horn and won. But I guess they can do whatever they like.

Those 2 guys were smart and walked straight after that hand. I’m sure they have lost thousands so the small recovery actually reinforces to them to keep coming back each week to lose more again.

I don’t know why the casino personnel can’t see that overall these guys are the casinos best customers. They have their player cards in the system and know what they spend and take off the table. I know just from watching them in the short time that I’m there, that they spend big each week and since I’ve been playing they usually don’t win. I also know from listening to them banter with the dealers that they go back and play over the weekend.

What was interesting was that my DP 3 play and the WOTCO was affecting the betting of the others. They would sit out my rolls and couldn’t work out what I was doing and even after my 32 roll hand which was the biggest of the hour. They didn’t recognise it because their standard betting patterns were not followed.

Bad news, I got lost in my progression after my 32 hand, as I had chips everywhere since I wasn’t stacking them and it looked like chip vomit in front of me. I really need to rack my chips better. I would have made another $100 if I had of followed my progression properly. Lesson learned.

Good news, that after one and a half years (26.5 hours) of casino play after becoming a student of Craps I’m finally in the black by $53 overall.

While that’s a very bad return on the $7,100 I’ve put through the table over that time. I’ve learned so much about the game and the people that run it, and play it that I feel I’m in a good place now with my game.

I just hope next week there is still a table in the casino to play on.

Coloured out $359 (+$59) in 1 hour