Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$200 buy in

1 other shooter and then just me. Never been on an empty table before. Weird feeling as the dealers have nothing to do. Great speed with dice.
Very nervous and hungry and was shaking the whole time.
Did $44 inside with don’t pass
Layed single odds on don’t pass
Got eaten at every try.
Should have just played plain $10 don’t pass until my tosses calmed down.
Would have left after losing $100 but needed the toss practice.
Minimum is $5 on 3,12,2,11 and $20 horn
Left an empty table. Such a shame.
Started at straight out. Dice bouncing every where.
Tried stealth setting. Hopeless at it. Couldn’t remember the sets. Awful.
Did one dead cat with out hitting the wall 7 out won my don’t with odds and they allowed it
Then moved to SL1
My tosses were much better. Very little roll back off the wall. Would have loved to have stayed. Perfect practice opportunity.
Coloured in with $37. left in 15 mins