Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$300 buy in

Half table from stick left
Got stuck in hook near dealer
Very hard to shoot
Had players with $25 chips all over the place and they were doing lots of prop bets which slowed the game down a lot. They seemed to know what they were talking about but it was beyond me.
Wasn’t setting correctly
Dice all over the place
Rolled 2 times
Made a few points
Betting was all over the place
$6 6 and 8
Pass line with odds
Tried DP on myself first time while shooting and struck out with 2 CO 7s switched to pass and then a few rolls and then 7.
Should stick to a plan. If I had of gone out hard with $110 across and down or regress I would have won a fair bit.
Tried $5 come but the limit is $10 come at Treasury
Also made a mistake and dropped $30 on DC instead of $10 and of course got hit by 11
Need to play a lot more to calm the nerves and focus.
Coloured up in 30 mins with $305