After stumbling onto, or more to the point initially Pablos videos of Beau the Dice Coach on YouTube, I figured I needed a set of dice to practice with. Now I don’t have set of casino dice or a practice rig yet but I wasn’t going to let that stop me.

I found a pair of dice that the kids had left lying around and claimed them as my own, and started setting them and tossing them into my open laptop. Unconventional yes but I needed to do something. The dice would bounce all over the place, but I’m telling myself that I’m familiarising myself with the dice, and learning the different combinations of the dice faces.

My day job takes up about 80 hours per week of my time, so I’m very time restricted. And yes as you can tell I work in IT. Hence the website to document my journey.

I sold off some unused house items, an exercise bike and a ride on mower, so I now have $600 to use as my first learning money at the casino.

For those that have watched the movie Nemo, I will echo the words of Dory but with a craps twist.

Just keep rolling.