By Yuri 1998

This book has been on my todo reading list for a long time.

I usually only buy books if they are digital so I can carry them with me and I can re-read them on my phone anytime / anywhere.

Unfortunately this one is print only so had to wait for it to get shipped to me in Australia from Amazon USA.

It’s 160 pages which to my surprise had a lot of supporting math around the fundamentals of dice influence.

The sort of math that makes your head spin and eyes glaze over. Unless you are a math geek. Of which I am not. But once was. So I appreciated Yuri explaining the math of the throw (including diagrams). Not just betting probabilities that most books and websites have.

Essentially this book takes you through from beginning to end with dice influence and covers all the aspects of the throw (set, stance, grip, toss). He includes some variants of each to allow you to find what works for you.

I’d heard of the Yuri grip before (it probably has other names since people have been throwing dice for a long time). I’ve seen people throw it on YouTube videos and claim it’s the Yuri grip. I’ve read about it on Heavy’s Axis Power Craps forums.

It’s always hard to explain in print even with photos (which are included in the book) how to approach and set and throw the dice in a certain way.

However I believe Yuri gives enough information to allow you to enter your practice sessions with confidence that you are throwing the way he explains.

And therein lies the key. You can’t just read a book, no matter how good it is. You have to implement and scientifically trial the approach and throws until you master it. Which of course takes a long time and lots of practice. Systematically trialing the different sets, grips, stance, and toss.

Of course nothing beats one on one tuition and learning from someone that has already taken the time to master the throw. However if you are not able to find or have a teacher available in your neck of the woods, then the next best teaching tool is video. Which is why video is so important for Craps students.

Now this book was printed in 1998, so I appreciate it is what it is. And there are no online resources to support it. However in 2017 as I write this, I feel a short video from Yuri (or one of the teachers that have worked it out) put online and referenced in the book would really complete this book and the concepts that he goes to great lengths to explain in print.

I know that adding a video then makes it a mini course not just a book. But if this book was converted to an Amazon Kindle digital download and also adding a video inside it, it would really set this book apart from any other. It would also allow the price to increase from $20. But it would be worth it.

Overall I think a must for any dice influencer to have in their Craps library.