Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$400 buy in
1/2 table right side
SO and SR2
2 players
3V set and 2V set

Just one other at the table today.

I started slow to warm up but in the end it didn’t help. Shot myself in the foot repeated times with working on the come out going down on the seven.

Big issue of the day was the increase in sevens. Out of 60 rolls I threw 14 sevens with 7 of those on the come out.

That’s a terrible SRR (4.3) and I may as well have been chicken feeding them.

Doing a three finger grip, I let my fingers go further down the dice and I was adding extra spin and trying a lower shot to avoid bouncing off the table. Might try practice the Yuri for future sessions.

Even playing a DP play as I do, I could not save myself.

After analysis I can see where I went wrong.

My repeated $66 inside WOTCO falling to the CO seven.

I need to pull back when I give myself an upper cut and grind it back before trying at that level again.

And I need to stop thinking of the clock and having to make it work in 1 hour or I have failed.

I was already late and had to get back to work so had to stop just as 2 new players joined in.

Threw a final CO seven and shot myself again so just passed the dice and walked. Shameful display of craps play.

Coloured out $157 (-$243) in 1 hour