Casino: Treasury Brisbane

$400 buy in
1/2 table left side
SL2 and SL1
5 players (4 regulars and me)
3V set

Couldn’t get out last week. Work was to much and couldn’t even spare 1 hour.

Was really looking forward to today. I was over my nerves mostly from last week.

Started at the table with just one regular today. He’d had a bad run and basically passed the dice straight to me.

Got to shoot 7 times today. Which was nice.

13 and 14 were my longest throws. But I made money on each of them except for one PSO.

Followed a $66 inside working on the come out with my DP negative and positive progression on my own roles. Regress to $22 inside after 2 hits, then press up from there.

With the DP 3 play and $12 inside for other shooters.

This play seems to paying off for me.

Regression is a beautiful thing.

I have no problems making the dealers work for me.

No one else regresses. So I do get some strange looks.

I mentioned to the dealers about the golden arm comp that is in the USA.

They had no idea what I was talking about.

I emailed casino management this week with the idea to hold the golden arm comp in Australia. It would be great for craps exposure and getting more people to the game. No response yet.

Coloured out $605 (+$205) in 1 hour