Casino: Treasury Brisbane

$400 buy in
Half table – Right side
1 player (me)
3V equivalent set

This was another session that I wasn’t expecting.

I’d been waiting for many weeks to get the table all to myself.

The first time this happened I was totally unprepared, and so nervous I was shaking.

Now was a different story. Just small nerves, which was good.

I was ready.

I don’t know what the normal amount of rolls are per hour, but I’m thinking it’s around 60.

By myself I managed to squeeze in 163 throws in around an hour.

I was powering through the throws and bets. And I apologised to the the dealers since it would be boring for them with they way I bet. But they said they were enjoying the relaxed work. Since I don’t prop bet it was super easy for them. Box man had nothing to do. Stick just collected the dice and brought them back to me without any fuss, and the dealer was enjoying the simple setup / press and take moves I use.

By the end of my session, I was worn out. But in a good way.

I got to try out all sorts of landing zones and throw adjustments. It was fantastic.

I also had success with DP $10 or DP $20 and then setting for 7 and hitting it. If I didn’t hit it and get my point instead then I’d switch over and run with it.

I didn’t realise until after the session and looking at my charting that I got a 34 role hand. My best yet.

But mostly I was betting light. I tried a couple of $66 inside that didn’t take. So I stuck with $22 inside and build up from there.

It was a great practice session, which I hope to do again.

Looking over my charts it would seem that I could have done very well if I had of backed myself at $66 inside each time.

I wish I had of started charting sooner. But I’m only 1 1/2 years into my craps journey, so I’m really happy with my progress.

At the end of my hand, one regular player came to table, and saw I was throwing from the dark side. He asked if the table was negative, and I said to join me. He actually did.

And we both played dark on his hand. $20 DP layed $40 odds on 10, and $10 DC, and we both didn’t play any other numbers. He rolled the 7 two rolls later, and we both celebrated. It was so refreshing to celebrate a roll ending 7 out loud and the dealers were laughing. I never get to celebrate the 7 since everyone else is usually on PL, and I’m not into sticking it in peoples faces when I win and they lose.

Had to return to work, otherwise could have stayed much longer.

Colour in $503 (+$103) in 1 hour 15 mins