Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$100 buy in
Mini baccarat

Found a computer terminal with a live dealer in front so I could watch them deal and reset the shoes. They deal 2 different games back to back. Must be boring for them with no interaction with the players.

First time playing baccarat, and it was very confusing as the dealer was not standing on hands that I thought he should stand on. And there was one hand I was sure player had won but he gave it banker and I lost my bet. I felt cheated.

But you can’t talk to the dealers with these electronic machines.

Treasury casino only has $25 min tables or $10 minimum computer terminals.

Speaking with my friendly craps dealers I’m getting to know. The casino is allowed a certain amount of pokie machines per fixed table game. Since they don’t have the space they put all these computer terminals in playing multi games (baccarat, roulette, sic bo) and each terminal is classified as a full table. Then they are allowed more pokies. Amazing way to get around legislation.

Anyway it was good to play a game sitting down. And test out some basic line bet strategies faster than at the craps table. Each hand happens every 45 seconds.

I have watched the full baccarat tables and even watching it is painful. These idiot players squeezing the cards and taking 1 minute to reveal the card they’ve been dealt. I just want to reach over and turn the damn thing over for them. What a joke.

Trying out a trend / anti trend strategy coupled with a win and loss progression and regression.

Got down to $25 then back up again, didn’t follow my strategy properly as I kept getting lost in my position in the strategy until I realised you could write stuff down and even use your phone at the terminals.

I like the speed of the game but dislike sitting alone tapping on a screen while at the casino without a dealer in front of you. Seems kind of wrong. Also I dislike that you have no connection to the outcome of the hand. Which is why I always have and will continue to love the game of craps over any other game that people can come up with. Maybe the skill based computer games that are now coming out in some USA casinos might sway my opinion on that if they ever get to Australia. But in my humble opinion craps is still the best.

Looking forward to road testing more baccarat plays.

Colour in $105 (+$5) in 1 hour