Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$300 buy in

Half table
1 to 2 other shooters

Got to the table just as they were opening. I have never seen this happen before. Lots of rituals and processes they have to go through. And paperwork! The pit boss brings out the keys to unlock the chips and a secure ziplock bag for the dice. Nice new purple ones today.

Quizzed him on why they can’t the give / sell me some of the old dice even after they have drilled a hole in them. He said they had to stop that since the old dice were ending up coming back onto the table. Crazy people that think they can swindle the casinos.

Took them what seemed like ages to open the table. But it was worth it. Chatted with the dealers getting to know then a bit more. Got SL1 and first shot of the dice.

Was setting a 3V equivalent and doing three finger over hand toss with fingers right at the top getting some serious backspin and landing right up near the back wall.

Unfortunately could not get past 3 rolls. Dice were splitting apart and rolling over in the air. I could see it happening like it was in slow motion.

The other shooters were no better, and they were not dice setters but were at least not totally random rollers shaking and tossing. They had a decent toss method.

I switched and started shooting dark. $10 with single odds. And got my money back.

Sure I lost the dice but with only 2 shooters not able to shoot I got the dice back quickly and I’d rather have the money.

I actually love shooting dark avoiding the seven on come out and then pushing for the seven. Must be my sadist nature coming out.

Since I had the dice so much I was able to try out lots of things. Really enjoyed this session.

If I shoot myself in the foot and knocked off my don’t pass I’d switch to pass line and go for it. With $10 PL and $22 or $44 inside. And press up to 5 units before same bet. Unfortunately as soon as I got to that stage on one number. I’d seven out.

Sometimes I did a $10 DP and then placed $6 six and eight no matter what the point was aka Shoot it All’s one hit can’t miss play and went for a transition to playing right side for the rest of my hand.

It was a negative table run that’s for sure.

The most I could get was 11 tosses. Bulk of them were 3 to 5 tosses. Just enough to suck you in. So just went with it as best I could.

Clawed my way back to just over even after some initial losses. Did that mostly by going $44 inside 2 hits for $28 return and down. Still think this is a solid play. $28 a shooter isn’t bad. 63.6% return on investment is wonderful. If only it worked every time…

Wanted to do a $66 inside on my own toss as Heavy suggested but after such a bad start I couldn’t risk it. Will try that next week.

So did a $10 PL and $44 inside on my last roll of the session and promptly PSO! Go figure should have stuck with dark side.

Colour in $253 (-$47) in 1 hr 30mns