Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$300 buy in
Half table
Just 2 other players

Didn’t bother reading the table today. Basically jumped straight in with $10 PL only to test and watch at the same time until my turn.

Toying with a line bet trend / anti trend method to use when I don’t have the dice.

One guy burned through his money and left which is ashame as I wanted to test this system out.

Anyway the remaining other player was the mad Russian I’ve spoken about previously. He loves a $5 C and $5 E on nearly every roll and when it hits goes to the horn.

After 2 roles of my own, PPSO and putting out $10 PL and $44 inside I was starting to get frustrated I could not get moving.

The mad Russian who is a total random roller was also PPSO and he was getting really upset.

I said to him and the dealers I’m switching over and shooting dark side. The stick man said Darth Maul shooter coming out. I thought that was nice.

The Russian said WTF are you doing. And after the roll ended quickly and he lost his bets and I won mine, shook his head, swore and said why would you do that.

I said I’d simply rather have the money than not.

Anyway tried to convince him to play dark with me and go with it. But he wouldn’t have it.

Got some money back twice with $10 DP and lay $20 odds on my own hand. Set for seven and got it quick.

I love quiet tables. So refreshing.

3 newbies came to the table and even the dealers were groaning. Fortunately they decided to not play.

Tried going dark side the 3rd time and shot myself in the foot so switched over on second point and just went with it and got some profit.

$10 PL and $22 inside – then press up 1 unit then up 3 units to get to 5 units before same bet.

Had a few roles of 10 throws and two roles of 16 throws. I just use my chips to count my throws.

Almost pulled myself back to even but once again ran out time.

The dice move quick with only 2 players so got my throws in. For lots of nice practice.

Couple more players joined the table and I announced last roll for me as I had to get back to work.

Not bad overall for a really choppy run.

But once again, as I analyse my playing and growing confidence with the dice. After a couple of hands to build confidence at the table and my spot. I’m beginning to see that if I go out hard for 2 hits and regress I’ll be much better off.

Something like $66 inside would work best.

I will try this bet method on myself next week.

Colour in $277 (-$23) in 1 hr 30 min