Happy new year everyone. I’ve had a couple of weeks break from casino visits during the holidays. But lots of practice in the mean time.

Casino : Treasury

$400 buy in

Half table
SO left side

This is the first time I had to wait to get on a table. I waited 30 mins of my very small 1.5 hr time slot on Friday afternoon before needing to go back to work.

I was thinking no one was going to leave but a couple of sucker hands cleaned out 2 spots.

I didn’t mind getting straight out. As I’ve been practicing for that. I really wanted to shoot but had 3 in front of me.

I fumbled trying to get my players card out and missed my buy in opportunity. I thought I’d do the right thing and not buy in until the dice were off.

Of course the mad Russian guy was back and he was on fire and I was missing out.

Oh well.

Had a big spender to my right dropping $100s everywhere. He actually new how to play and wasn’t pissing his money away. Saw him regress and also doing $500 DP twice (which he won on both times). He had a nice soft random toss and I did a $22 inside which I wish I could have taken a photo of his chips next to my 1 unit on the inside boxes. The whale and the minnow.

My turn finally and I’m at 1hr 15min mark. I could feel I was under the pump with 15 mins left on my casino window.

Set for hard ways today.

I surprised myself with hitting my landing zone first time. I was aiming for snake eyes on the don’t pass line. Even the stick man commented with “nice toss”.

Didn’t trust myself as the time pressure was getting to me.

Did a $10 PL and $22 inside. Hit 1 point on the 10. And slowly pressing.

Did press the 9 up 1 then up 3 with $1 to get to $25. I’m happy with that progression for now.

Had a 10 roll hand.

Guess what, 7’d out around 15 mins.

Classic lesson there. Self fulfilling prophecy.

Colour in $437 (+$37) in 1hr 30mins