Casino : Treasury

$300 buy in

Half table
2 players to start and went to 6

3 new players at the table really slowed things down. Bad bets, late bets and hands all over place interrupting the shooting.

Glad I was at SL1

Thinking back I was never like that. I only played dark side no odds, which made it easy for me to not get into trouble.

Had 3 ok rolls today.

2 regulars had good hands.

The newbies were apart from getting in the way, farming the field and were enjoying the wins and not realising they were actually losing more than they were winning.

Did a couple DC action bets on the newbies.

Went in softly with $6 six and eight on the regulars. No SIA (Shoot It All – One Hit Can’t Miss) strategy today. Take and press and expanded out. Worked ok with $12.

Also did a couple of $22 inside on regulars that didn’t work at all. Oh well.

Concentrated on my own shooting. 3 finger over hand. But today I let my fingers go to bottom of the dice and not the top. I’ve been trying that a bit in practice to see the difference.

I was keeping the dice mostly together with not to much back spin, just focussing to get them neatly to the back wall.

Hands were 12 rolls, 10 rolls, 12 rolls respectively.

Did $10 PL with $44 inside and pressed one unit first then 2 units to get to 5 units then take and press.

Felt comfortable with that, so didn’t push it like I’ve been practicing from 2 to 5 units in one go.

Stuck around a bit longer than normal but the table was filling up and I had to return to work. At SL1 I should stay longer as I was getting comfortable with the position and the toss I was using. No dice off the table today.

The mad Russian was back and really got upset when one of the newbies got in his way to place a late $10 field bet. Of course 7 out. Even the dealers were warning the guy that he would get upset and he didn’t disappoint.

Just as I was leaving, the guy who gave me $25 to bet the hard ways couple of weeks ago came up to the table. Would have enjoyed shooting with him again. I said hello and thanked him for it again and told him I would have enjoyed hitting some hard ways for him again.

Colour in $407 (+$107) in 1hr 30mins