Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$200 buyin

SO left side
Half table

Just 2 players. Myself and an older Asian guy with his wife at SL2

Been practicing at SO so wanted to see how I’d do.

It was a fast game with just 2 players especially because we were not doing prop bets.

First 2 hands of mine were ok 8-10 rolls each, started with $10 PL and $22 inside. Made some money before 7 pressing one unit at a time.

Trouble was the dice kept jumping off the table. And I mean repeated no rolls. Even the box man was giving me tips. But not getting upset prob because no one at the table.

I got so sick of it I lobbed a bit harder one throw landed on the angled edge bottom of diamond and one dice jumped back into the dice bowl with the other dice.

I joking said same dice. Everyone had a little chuckle.

Since I was up a bit I thought I’d try something I’ve learned over at Heavy’s Axis Power Craps forum that I’ve been practicing at home.

$10 PL and $44 inside

Then on first hit press up 3 units by dropping $1 or $4 depending what number hit to get up to 5 units.

Alas it wasn’t to be and I 7’d out at 4 rolls.

But I can see the merit in it for when you need to back yourself.

Tried to recover a bit before my time was up.

But couldn’t make it happen – needed more time and evidently way more practice.

I should have moved to SL1 and asked the other guy to move over a bit.

I find SO is very hard. 12ft table. I really need some advice so I’ll take a video and maybe someone can see where I can improve.

Colour out at $159 (-$41) in 45 mins