Casino : Treasury

$200 buy in
Half table of 5 players
3v set

Shooting much better. Aimed for close to back wall and much better dice dying after hitting wall. Really prefer this position.

Interesting note: a whole family was playing, Mum, Dad and kids and they had something going with the pit boss since he was asking them what drinks they wanted. In Australia on the normal casino floor you usually have to get your own drinks. I thought it strange but I didn’t have time to ask them about it. They were all bleeding chips and throwing the dice off the table every second shot. It was a circus.

They had very short hands. Bet dark on them got $10 DC set with single odds (second time laying odds – felt good – felt right). Got knocked off the DC few times with the 7. Should have done a DP instead.

Got the dice and had a 13 roll hand with 2 points.

Tip toed in with $10 PL and $22 inside

Protected bets and then started pressing but got cut short.

Still not consistent enough with toss and need to concentrate to remain focused.

Stick change mid hand. And then they opened up the other side of the table. More delays

2 rolls after and I could feel the dice not sitting right in my grip and after a totally shocking throw got the 7

Had to return to work as really busy day, so no time to play with full table, which I haven’t done in over 2 years – before I started studying craps. Was ashame as SL1 was agreeing with me.

I’ve decided that since my time is so short 30mins or less, I really need to adjust my betting on myself. I’m not making the most of my time with the dice.

With on average 3-5 players on Friday early afternoon, unless someones on a decent roll I’ll only get one or two chances with the dice.

Colour in $204 (+$4) in 20 mins