Casino : Treasury

$200 buy in

SL2 position on half table.

3v set

Couldn’t get anything going.

Had 3 turns with the dice no more than 6 rolls each.

Concentrating on dice behaving same each toss and hitting my chosen landing zone.

$10 PL and $22 inside

Tried $10 DC a couple of times got hit by 11

Got one $10 DC up on 4 took $20 odds (my first time laying odds) and it bull frogged 4 straight back. It was a bit disappointing my first laying of odds didn’t work out. Will try again next week.

One happy camper (not me) had a $25 horn going to start and hit 3 12s in a row, not sure how much he won, as he upped his first bet, but the dealers were taking a long time to work out the payout. Once he got the money he disappeared. Smart move.

Had to get back to work so no time to try something different.

Colour in $132 (-$68) in 45 mins