Casino : Treasury

$200 buy in

SL2 for first time and I was more comfortable than at straight out. But much prefer SL1.

One other player who set 2V and had a relaxed toss from way up high near chip rail was at SL1. Kept PSO and losing money like crazy. Was a regular as the dealers knew him. He got 2 points in 8 rolls after he disappeared for 10 mins and reappeared with more cash. Only to lose all that as well. Lessons for me not to do the same.

I had 3 rolls of 6, 9 and 7 numbers, no points made. My setting is getting better. Toss landing still moving around. Trying to find the best place to land.

Just stuck with $10 PL and was more interested in getting my toss dialled in.

However I have to stop doubting myself. Even $22 inside same betting would have done ok.

Tried a DC $10 after 3 count when I wasn’t shooting. Kept getting picked off. Tried a DP $10 got picked off.

Got beat 7 times in a row. So called it a day. Always next week.

Colour in $130 (-$70) in 35 mins