Casino : Treasury

$200 buy in

Straight out position

3 players only on half table

Same big spender as last Friday pushing chips all over the place. He Burned through $1000 very quickly.

One guy had a unique toss reverse pincer grip no setting. Looked great but random.

Dice were jumping off the table

Was nervous again slight tremble

And was not confident in my toss which was very rough. Dice landing in different spots and rotating differently

Short rolled once

Set with all ninja craps alternate set for all sevens for co and 3v for point cycle

$22 inside with $10 PL doing same bet

Got 3 rolls in with nothing more than 4 count each

Shot dark side on one and shot my self in the foot

Played dark on the others

Never have more than 30 mins which is good and bad. But not my day to shine.

Coloured in $172 in 30mins (down $28)