Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$300 buy in

Tried place betting with don’t pass. First time ever. Wasn’t hard at all as I had always thought.
$6 6 and 8 to start.
Also went out with $110 inside. For one throw and then didn’t come down all the way took the 5 and 9 off but left the 6 and 8 with $30
Mostly a cold table
only one shooter made 2 points
Didn’t follow the trend as I saw it was cold.
Only had 45 mins
Bet on 2 brand new shooters that have never thrown before big mistake. Point 7 outs
My throws were still no good.
Did 2 hands.
1 bet small. 6 and 8.
2 bet $110 inside and hit 2 places. Must come down after first throw. There is plenty of time to come down
Felt rushed to set. And had stick right 1. Much easier to throw from this spot then straight out.
Coloured up with $143 left
Lost 2 $110 inside point seven out. Didn’t have time to recoup.
The game was very slow. Even with just 1/2 the table open.