Welcome to episode 3 of the podcast. This podcast is a strategy review of a 3 tier don’t pass without using any odds.

This leads on from my boring don’t pass humble beginnings concept that I discussed in episode 2.

Only betting on the don’t pass, but this strategy has more meat behind it.

Strategy Synopsis

Bet Don’t Pass only in 3 tiers of $10/$20/$30 , $30/$60/$90 , $90/$180/$270

If shooter makes 3 passes, then stop betting until shooter 7’s out.

Restart again on the next higher tier with a new shooter.

Once you win return back to the beginning of the lowest tier.



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It would be great to hear of strategies that you use. I’m happy to program them into WinCraps and see how it holds up under a few simulations.

In this Episode

  • 3 tier don’t pass – without odds
  • showing off the Wincraps automation

Items of Interest

  • WinCraps – Windows Craps Simulation tool