CJ 043 | Session Report #35 – Great Barrier Reef and $1 Mini Baccarat

Something different this week.

Took the family for some time away and travelled through the week to Cairns in far North Queensland at the top of Australia to see the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree rainforest. Such a beautiful place. 2 hour plane flight from home. But never got around to it. Costs a fortune of course. Upsets me that I can go to New Zealand much cheaper than see my own country.

One of my bucket list items was to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef. So just had to do it. Here’s a snap from going through the fish. What a good feeling. Reaching out to touch them.

Great Barrier Reef – Swimming with the fishes – literally

I know why people travel the world to snorkel and dive now. Truly magnificent.

Cairns has a casino but no craps. I went into the casino to check it out. It’s very nice. But had the family with me so no time to play. Didn’t even have time to get a $5 chip as a momento of my travels. Next time.

Back to reality in Brisbane…

Showed up at my usual time at the casino and craps table was closed again. Jeez

Sought out the pit boss again and asked if it’s finally been cut. He said no, they have 2 dealers sick so they can’t open the table.

So it appears that not only do we only have one table that is only open during small windows that we only have a few dealers that can work the table. I’ve counted 6 so far but they have to juggle their shifts around because through the week they deal other games as well.

Perhaps I should become a craps dealer to help them out. Second thought no thanks. It’s a very hard job. I’ve got a mate of mine who was a craps dealer on a cruise ship. Now if I was younger with no family that cruise ship lifestyle doesn’t sound to bad.

Anyway I thought I’ll get some mini baccarat in instead.

I found a computer terminal that had 2 x roulette a sic bo and a mini baccarat running on it.

Could not believe it but it was a $1 machine. Must be my lucky day. All the rest of the terminals I’ve seen have been $10 min.

Put in $100 and started to play. I know Heavy has a baccarat system. But I’ve been wargaming Target 3 play by Seth Theobeau and doing quite well with it.

Had some emails to catch up on so did that in between hands as well as play mini baccarat. The target 3 play is quite simple once you’ve practiced it and there is 30 seconds between hands. And I only bet banker in this session. Just need to keep track of bet size not where to bet.

It’s great to sit down and play instead of standing.

Played for 15 mins and cashed out $120.50 (+$20.50) 20% very nice.

The 50c came from banker 6 hand which pays 1:2 instead of commission on each banker hand.

I’ll put this $1 mini baccarat into my rotation now when the craps table is not available and get my baccarat skills up without risking much money at all. Fantastic.

CJ 042 | Session Report #34

Casino: Treasury Brisbane

$400 buy in
1/2 table right side
2 players
3V set

Showed up at the casino last week and the table was closed. I thought this is it. They’ve finally pulled the plug and killed the game.

Went and asked the pit boss looking after baccarat and he tells me the staff are at a union meeting over a pay dispute.

I don’t have time to stick around so went and war gamed baccarat for 30 mins. Alas I lost all my fake money on a massive player shoe when I was backing banker against the trend. It was the end of the shoe so I didn’t put my real money down.

Jump to this week, and just me at the table to start with another regular coming in 1/2 way through.

What is evident to me from today is that I’m really not betting my play right. I was never ahead once this session.

And I had to initiate my 50% stop loss again.

Set the standard 3V, soft low toss, but put a fair bit of spin on them, one bounce to back wall and drop to rest. Really looked good.

But I didn’t make adjustment on it. That is my big hurdle working out what to adjust to minimise the outcome of the 7.

Check this disaster of a session out.

SRR 3.14

7, 4, 7

3, 7, 7, 7, 6, 7

11, 5, 8, 7

8, 9, 9, 12, 10, 8
11, 8, 7

8, 6, 8
5, 12, 5
7, 8, 6, 9, 7

7, 11, 7, 7, 5, 9, 8, 10, 11, 11, 7

Nuf said!

It’s become clear that betting dark side on myself has to stop, and I stopped WOTCO from my previous session stats which saved me from total disaster. My CO 7 ratio is enormous and is ruining my dark side play.

I think I really need to video my throw again and get a critique on where I’m going wrong. So I’ll do that next week.

Coloured out $202 (-$198) in 1 hour

CJ 041 | Session Report #33

Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$400 buy in
1/2 table left side
2 players
3V set and 2V set

Just one other at the table today.

I like having just one other at the table. Let’s me have small rest in between hands and takes the focus off me from the dealers and box for few mins.

Threw 4 hands – 48 times in total with 9 sevens 5 of those on the come out. 5.33 SRR

No rolls less than 8 count. And was able to earn a bit off all of them.

Still awful as far as I’m concerned, and the dealers always comment that I’m one of the better shooters that are regulars.

I was able to grind out a $11 win. Made the other guy a lot, who was betting big on hard ways and horns.

I think I need to adjust my betting again. I’m getting burned by WOTCO.

So glad I’m charting and I can assess what’s going on.

I’ve just realised I’m not recording hardways on my charting so I’ll fix that this week. I think I’m missing lots of opportunities there.

I’ll have to go back through my record book and calculate SRR to give me another metric to track my progress of control / influence.

But I’m more interested my rate of return which after a couple of losses is down to 1% return on my investment. Of course this isn’t the stock market or property.

But in saying that I’m still learning lots and having fun on the way.

This is the first hobby I’ve ever had that is paying me to do it.

Coloured out $411 (+$11) in 1 hour

CJ 040 | Session Report #32

Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$400 buy in
1/2 table right side
SO and SR2
2 players
3V set and 2V set

Just one other at the table today.

I started slow to warm up but in the end it didn’t help. Shot myself in the foot repeated times with working on the come out going down on the seven.

Big issue of the day was the increase in sevens. Out of 60 rolls I threw 14 sevens with 7 of those on the come out.

That’s a terrible SRR (4.3) and I may as well have been chicken feeding them.

Doing a three finger grip, I let my fingers go further down the dice and I was adding extra spin and trying a lower shot to avoid bouncing off the table. Might try practice the Yuri for future sessions.

Even playing a DP play as I do, I could not save myself.

After analysis I can see where I went wrong.

My repeated $66 inside WOTCO falling to the CO seven.

I need to pull back when I give myself an upper cut and grind it back before trying at that level again.

And I need to stop thinking of the clock and having to make it work in 1 hour or I have failed.

I was already late and had to get back to work so had to stop just as 2 new players joined in.

Threw a final CO seven and shot myself again so just passed the dice and walked. Shameful display of craps play.

Coloured out $157 (-$243) in 1 hour

CJ 039 | Session Report #31

Casino: Treasury Brisbane

$400 buy in
1/2 table left side
SL1 (my favourite)
1 player (me)
3V set and 2V set

Couldn’t get out last week. Work was to much and couldn’t even spare 1 hour again.

Was very grateful that when I arrived there was no one at the table. Perfect.

I started slow to warm up.

Started with a 3 x DP progression $10 $20 $30 and $44 inside working 2 hits and down to $6 six and eight and press up and out from there.

Took an initial beating down $150, zagged when I should have zigged.

I had 3 PSO out of 11 hands.

The others of note. 22, 14, 12, 16

Then had my biggest roll I’ve ever done. 41 rolls. No one else at the table to enjoy it with me. Worked up from $6 six and eight to getting $50 for $1 on the 5 and 9

10, 6, 6, 5, 8, 5, 10
6, 8, 9, 6
7, 5, 5
8, 4, 9, 10, 5, 6, 5, 10, 9, 9, 5, 3, 5, 3, 5, 4, 4, 3, 9, 6, 2, 9, 9, 11, 3, 10, 7

I actually didn’t know what press to after that so left it at same bet to not distract myself.

Had a pile of chip vomit in front of me after that hand. I asked for a 2 min break to clean up my rack.

Had a good chat to dealers today. Before the most senior box man showed up. He’s so sour I could get more out of a lemon. Conversation stopper.

He turns his nose up at anyone that sets the dice and tries to have a controlled shot. But he tolerates until you don’t hit the back wall.

I couldn’t care less what he thinks.

I’m there to make money, and that’s what I’m going to strive to do.

I asked if the table was going to be removed. And they didn’t think so in the short term.

However since they moved the table it’s own room it’s done even less business than when it was on the main floor.

They really have set it up for failure.

I suggested the golden arm comp again and they said it would never get off the ground because it required work from the marketing dept. for a game that is only open small hours and has low profit turnover.

Oh well I’ll just keep playing for as long as I can.

Had to get back to work so had to stop just as 2 new players joined in.

Coloured out $626 (+$226) in 1 hour

CJ 038 | Session Report #30

Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$400 buy in
1/2 table right side
SR6 (my nemesis)
5 players (4 regulars and me)
3V set

Couldn’t get out last week. Work was to much and couldn’t even spare 1 hour again.

I was shocked to arrive and find 6 players half table full. I refuse to squeeze in as I myself like room.

I waited and watched for 1 hour. Mistake #1. Finally got a spot , stuck in the hook near the dealer. My nemesis spot. Mistake #2. But my time was up already and had to get back to work.

I wasn’t going without throwing the dice. Mistake #3.

Had to wait some more for the dice.

By the time I got to shoot I was not in a state to shoot.

$66 inside working on the come out, never got to regress. Mistake #4

First hand.

4, 6, 3, 11, 7

Stuck around for a second hand

10, 7

Got knocked off $75 DP trying to come back fast. Mistake #5.

Decided I was late enough. And had my share of mistakes, so quit for the day. Lessons have been learned.

Time pressure got me on throw and betting.

Coloured out $135 (-$265) in 30 mins

CJ 037 | Session Report #29

Casino: Treasury Brisbane

$400 buy in
1/2 table left side
SL2 and SL1
5 players (4 regulars and me)
3V set

Couldn’t get out last week. Work was to much and couldn’t even spare 1 hour.

Was really looking forward to today. I was over my nerves mostly from last week.

Started at the table with just one regular today. He’d had a bad run and basically passed the dice straight to me.

Got to shoot 7 times today. Which was nice.

13 and 14 were my longest throws. But I made money on each of them except for one PSO.

Followed a $66 inside working on the come out with my DP negative and positive progression on my own roles. Regress to $22 inside after 2 hits, then press up from there.

With the DP 3 play and $12 inside for other shooters.

This play seems to paying off for me.

Regression is a beautiful thing.

I have no problems making the dealers work for me.

No one else regresses. So I do get some strange looks.

I mentioned to the dealers about the golden arm comp that is in the USA.

They had no idea what I was talking about.

I emailed casino management this week with the idea to hold the golden arm comp in Australia. It would be great for craps exposure and getting more people to the game. No response yet.

Coloured out $605 (+$205) in 1 hour

CJ 036 | Session Report #28

Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$400 buy in
1/2 table right side
5 players (4 regulars and me)
3V set

It’s been ages (4 weeks) since I’ve last slung the dice at casino.

I was pleasantly surprised my casino still had their craps table. They are still threatening to close it.

Between tropical cyclones and then floods and then public holidays and then family commitments. I felt like a newbie again sidling up to the table. To the point were my nerves had come back. Hands shaking level of nerves.

I decided to keep it simple today to break the nerves.

Followed a $44 inside working on the come out with my DP negative and positive progression on my own roles. Regress to $22 inside after 2 hits, then press up from there.

With the DP 3 play and $22 inside working on comeout for other shooters.

Everything went to plan today which was nice.

Being at SR1 agrees with me. Used a 3V, 3 finger parr style toss, aimed for around 4cm from the back wall.

Made one point and had a 14 roll hand.

8, 4, 6, 9, 10, 8
6, 2, 3, 10, 8, 8, 8, 9, 7

Only time for one throw. On my next throw I was going to try a low and slow toss to roll to the wall.

The other shooters were good to me. So no time or need to have another shot.

My throw was uuuggghhhhlllly so I was really hoping to get another shot in to see if I could steady my nerves. Oh well next week. And some much needed practice required.

Coloured out $556 (+$156) in 1 hour

CJ 035 | Session Report #27

Casino: Treasury

$300 buy in
1/2 table left side
4 players (3 regulars and me)
3V set

Stuck with my $66 inside working on the come out with my DP negative and positive progression on my own roles.

With the DP 3 play and $22 inside working on comeout for other shooters.

Shot myself in the foot with CO 7 twice on two separate hands.

I did have a 32 hand (my best to date is 34) which was good. But had sevens in the middle with the WOTCO knocked off my accumulated bets each time. Oops.

I think I’ll revise my WOTCO to only beginning of the hand and not in between points.

One regular player hit 4 horns in row and 2 players had big money on it. The $500 chips were flowing out to those guys and the box wasn’t happy.

He told the shooter after the hand that those lucky dice have been marked for removal and new dice will be used next shift.

I thought this was strange to pull dice because a couple of people made some big bets on the horn and won. But I guess they can do whatever they like.

Those 2 guys were smart and walked straight after that hand. I’m sure they have lost thousands so the small recovery actually reinforces to them to keep coming back each week to lose more again.

I don’t know why the casino personnel can’t see that overall these guys are the casinos best customers. They have their player cards in the system and know what they spend and take off the table. I know just from watching them in the short time that I’m there, that they spend big each week and since I’ve been playing they usually don’t win. I also know from listening to them banter with the dealers that they go back and play over the weekend.

What was interesting was that my DP 3 play and the WOTCO was affecting the betting of the others. They would sit out my rolls and couldn’t work out what I was doing and even after my 32 roll hand which was the biggest of the hour. They didn’t recognise it because their standard betting patterns were not followed.

Bad news, I got lost in my progression after my 32 hand, as I had chips everywhere since I wasn’t stacking them and it looked like chip vomit in front of me. I really need to rack my chips better. I would have made another $100 if I had of followed my progression properly. Lesson learned.

Good news, that after one and a half years (26.5 hours) of casino play after becoming a student of Craps I’m finally in the black by $53 overall.

While that’s a very bad return on the $7,100 I’ve put through the table over that time. I’ve learned so much about the game and the people that run it, and play it that I feel I’m in a good place now with my game.

I just hope next week there is still a table in the casino to play on.

Coloured out $359 (+$59) in 1 hour

CJ 034 | Session Report #26

Casino : Treasury Brisbane

$300 buy in
1/2 table right side
SR6 (hook near dealer)
4 players (one newbie, 2 regulars and me)
3V set

My least favourite position. Still haven’t worked this one out.

However today it didn’t matter.

Only had 45 mins. Got the dice twice.

$66 inside working on the come out.

Both roles shot myself in the foot with seven on first roll.

7, 9, 3, 6, 10, 12, 3, 9
5, 9, 7

7, 6, 8, 10, 7

Terrible but no other spot opened up for me.

Good news though is I made money on the other regulars.

Playing my DP progression and $22 inside

One regular had a wonderful hand in the 20s (don’t track / chart others… yet)

So many inside numbers, high on the nines. And I had 9 up to $75. $300 profit in one hand. I was happy to finally make use of the press and take strategy I learned from this forum.

Clapped him after that roll, truely thankful.

There was one newbie and he was hopeless. Holding the dice both hands. Rubbing dice together with both hands. Taking the dice back over the rail out of sight. Throwing one dice at a time down to the end. Dealers were laughing, it was classic what not to do.

Colour in $569 (+$269) in 45 mins

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